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Engineering Marvels

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We can add bling to your watch or restore it to look brand new again.  Using ultrasonic cleaning and buffing to either a matt finish or full shine. We can re-plate the case in either 18ct. HGP or Rodhium to a bright silver lustre. We can also remove scratches from crystal glasses. Why not choose a new band? We source bands from all over the world to ensure we have the best quality available.

Polishing and Cleaning

Battery Replacement

Does your watch require maintenance or replacement parts? The perfect timepiece requires perfect engineering. Each timepiece is assessed individually and all quotations are free. We have state-of-the-art testing equipment on-site, ensuring integrity and time-keeping accuracy. We specialise in fixing watches that others say 'it can't be done' or 'It's not worth repair'. We understand that It's not just a watch.

glass polishing

It’s not a watch, it’s a timepiece

Have you experienced a situation where a new battery doesn't seem to last?  Watches are precision instruments and are susceptible to contamination when exposed. When fitting batteries we clean the case and ensure cells are handled in a pristine environment. To keep your watch original we recommend swiss Renata batteries are fitted to swiss watches. We also stock quality Maxel batteries from Japan as a cost effective alternative..