Open M-F 10-5pm. Sat /Sun Closed

Q. Do you fit batteries on the spot. A YES

Q. How much is a watch battery? A. Most batteries are $20. Some watches need additional work such as pressure testing or seal replacements. 

Q. Do you fix Longines watches? A. YES All brands of watches.

Q. Where is your shop? A. Corner or Portrush and Greenhill Road. Next to Optometrist on corner. Next door where Bracegirdles used to be.

Q. Is there any parking available? A. NO Recommend Burnside Council Carpark across the road. There are also 4 bays on Portrush Road.

Q. Do you do repairs on the premises or do you have to send them away? A. Most repairs are done by myself in store, Sometimes I need to concentratre and take work home, Sometimes I get assistance from colleagues that are more skilled than myself. In which case I take your repair offsite to specialists in their own field.